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Playground Box#4 LbNA #39014

Plant date:Apr 15, 2008
Location: Big Lagoon State Park
Planted by:Tcredibles! Contact
Found by: eddyfam
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 15, 2008
Replacing soon!!! Jan 2012. Check back soon. Look for Letter box #1-3 which were all updated

This box is one of 4 boxes placed in West Pensacola near Big Lagoon State Park on Gulf Beach Highway. Find all four boxes and visit four fun playgrounds. Wonderful for the kids! Bring snacks, sunscreen and water and have fun at each unique park!

Big Lagoon State Park-
There is a small fee to enter the park ($4 per car).
Follow the main road until you come to the park area with bathrooms, playground and Governor's Pavilion.
Walk through the pavilion or take the concrete trail the leads behind the pavilion towards the fields by the water.
The concrete willend and you will see a trail that continues. Follow the trail and look on the right hand side for the large fallen tree & stump. Box #4 is hidden at the base of the stump.
Please rezip and secure so it is not find by other hikers/park rangers.

If the ground is dry enough you can continue straight to the end of the path to the water. It is a lovely walk back towards the playground along the water. In Dec 2007 we saw deer footprints along the water. You can find lots of hermit crabs along the waters edge here too. Enjoy! It is such a lovely beach area. You may even see our family! We visit almost every week throughout the summer!