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Playground Box#1 LbNA #39004

Owner:Tcredibles! Contact
Plant date:Apr 15, 2008
Location: Bill Dickson Park
Found by: HikerHen
Last found: Oct 10, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 15, 2008
Updated on 12/29/2011 box!

This box is one of 4 boxes placed in West Pensacola near Big Lagoon State Park on Gulf Beach Highway in West Pensacola. Find all four boxes and visit four fun playgrounds. Wonderful for the kids! Bring snacks, sunscreen and water and have fun at each unique park!

Gulf Beach Hwy near Pleasant Grove Elementary School & Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.
Turn onto North Loop Road where the sign for the Bamboo farm is. Turn right onto Fenceline Road and follow it as it hugs the Navy Base property line. Turn into Bill Dickson Park.

Facing the pavilion (near the playground) look to the far right end and you will see a trail leading off to the woods. Go past/over fallen tree #1 and stop when you get to fallen tree/stump #2. It is very large and has three trunks growing from it. Our original box was placed here in 2008 but has long since vanished. Turn to the left of the stump and follow the path. Walk over fallen tree #3 to find fallen tree #4. Look to your right for one lone pine tree.
The letter box is at the base under the needles.

Please reseal the ziplock and cover it with needles so no one disturbs it. Thanks! If there is a problem, please let us know!

Thanks! Now go back and play in the park!
There is also a dog run for your furry friends!