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The Seabiscuit LbNA #38937

Owner:sajorah Contact
Plant date:Apr 13, 2008
Found by: mr ahclem
Last found: Nov 2, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 13, 2008
This letterbox is placed at the top of the hill at Ridgewood Ranch, which was the home of Seabiscuit the legendary race horse. Tours of the ranch are available through the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation. Visit their web site at:


To get to this letterbox, head south of Willits on highway 101. 4 Miles outside of Willits there will be a center divider on the highway. Shorty after it ends, you will see the ranch entrance on the right. It is called Ridgewood Ranch. Pull in past the first cattle guard. On your left you will see a gravel turn out and a huge bay tree next to it. Park the the car in the turnout and walk to the east side of the big bay tree and face south. In front of you (and slightly to the left), you will see a blackberry bush. Walk to the east side of the bush and face south again. You should notice a small deer trail leading east. Follow the trail east (towards the highway) for about 15 steps. You should notice a little creek crossing the path. Cross the creek and get back on the trail. Continue to walk east for about another 30 steps. In front of you will be a good sized rock formation. In the left side of the middle of the formation there is a big crack in the rock. Look in the crack and you should see a smaller rock that does not look like it should be there. Look under the rock and you should find The Seabiscuit. Be careful to avoid the poison oak that is near the rock. Happy hunting!!!!