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Arrrrg! Lake Merritt! LbNA #38690 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Apr 2, 2008
Found by: cricketts
Last found:Apr 19, 2008
Last edited:Apr 2, 2008
Aaaarrrrr, this be a map to me pirate's booty. It is an easy trip, less then .1 miles round trip.
Enter Lake Merritt park at the entrance located at the intersection of Grand and Euclid Ave.
Walk down sloped path passing a wooden sign on your right marked "service road official vehicles only".
At the bottom of the slope veer right. Here is a light-post, the first of 5 you will pass on your left, the lakeside.
pass a green shed on your right. the next lamp post is on your right.
10 steps past this post is a tree on your left. (really two trees with upper branches entwining into one.)
sit on the trunk of the right side of the tree and look out onto the water.
Arrrrr my booty is below ye.

PLEASE NOTE this is a HIGHLY TRAFFICED area. joggers, people with dogs, vagrants closer to sun down, please be discrete and cover the box with sticks, leaves, bark anything you can find after stamping in.