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chelseas bday box LbNA #38638

Plant date:Mar 30, 2008
County:British Columbia, CAN
Planted by:canameri
Found by: Obliterate Apron
Last found:Aug 10, 2008
Last edited:Mar 30, 2008
Chelsea is turning nine, and wanted to place her first letterbox for her bday. It is a fairly easy one, shouldnt take more than 15 mins to find. She will be so excited if you stamp her bday box

First you need to get to mission creek park. Then as you face the playground and turn to the left, in the distance you will see a covered gazeebo, walk that way. When you get there you will see one big blue garbage can, chelsea likes to flutter you may too if you like. Past the garbage cans go towards the parking lot, just before you hit the pavement there will be a path to the right. Follow the path keep to the left, until you see a blue garbage can, take a sharp right. Shortly the path will form a triangle, stand at the top of the triangle facing the road. You will see two large trees on each side of a path, search in front of the "right" one and you will find chelsea's bday box hidden in the leaves. Please rehide well and be careful as its a well used trail.