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The Retreat LbNA #38607

Plant date:Mar 10, 2008
Planted by:Team Ginkgo
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Mar 10, 2008
A scooter for two we did rent
Too far to walk, a bit of money we spent

First you must find the place in the name
If you don't come here it would be a shame.

A beautiful lush natural shangri-la
The plants and trees will leave you in awe.

Find the sign in honor of Philip the Prince
Turn yourself right I need to convince.

Pass by two buildings of white
Main Coppice path should be in your sight

At the clearing take Pinanga Way
Pass by 2 sinkholes, don't stop to play.

Find the tree with lots of noses
You are coming to where Millingtonia Ave closes

Head toward Huamil but not all the way
Before the bench turn left, don't stray

To the Pergola Lawn through the colonade
March along like in a parade

On the lawn find a huge tree
With bamboo supports at each knee

If you are here at the right time
You will get a treat sublime

The flowers upon this tree appear
like fireworks to bring you cheer

Box is 25 degrees off north
from the tree trunk go forth

Under a rock in the wall
be careful that they don't fall

When you are done be sure to be stealthy
So this box can remain a long time and healthy.

Be sure to cover it and hide it completely
Everything you do should be done discretely.

No box should suffer from improper re-hidation
Lost boxes are such a point of frustration.

Do your part to help elongate its life
So future boxers can be spared lost box strife.

Please be sure to let us know
How it is your search did go.

On LBNA use contact the placer
So as to leave a bit of a tracer