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Lumberjack LbNA #38569

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:Mar 27, 2008
Found by: Leaf Seeker
Last found: Jul 25, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 31, 2015
If you happen to have a spare book the one here is reportedly full. So until I get up there any help would be appreciated.

The Samoa Cookhouse located near the Lumberjack Letterbox reports on its website it’s “the last surviving cookhouse in the West,” and has been serving meals, originally to lumbermen, since 1893. In fact it still does serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. But now you too can eat like a lumberjack. To find the Cookhouse follow signs from Eureka to Samoa and the Cookhouse over the bridge. Before finding the Lumberjack Letterbox if you’re there during any of the right times and have a hearty appetite walk on in the Cookhouse. Don’t arrive only slightly hungry or feeling shy of cholesterol. Food is served family style and there’s plenty of it. For more information go to:

Samoa itself has an interesting history and was a company owned town for over a hundred years. More at:

To locate the letterbox first park in the Cookhouse lot. Find the front door to the Cookhouse, position yourself near it with your back to the broad front of the building. Walk across the parking area to a small road on the west end of the lot leading down to a dilapidated building. This building should be the Samoa Fire Hall.

Look under the front steps below the sign that says this is the Samoa Fire Hall on the right. On top of the plank covered by roofing material should be your Lumberjack Letterbox.

Thanks for coming.