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Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena- Thompson LbNA #38139

Owner:MrOspital Contact Supporter
Plant date:Mar 2, 2008
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found: Apr 18, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 2, 2008
You can take the Indian Hill exit off the 10 freeway, head north on Indian Hill, and take a left onto Baseline. Then take a right on Mountain Ave to head north. (There are other streets named Mountain in the area and off the 10 freeway, but the one you seek does not have an exit off the freeway). To locate where to start on this trail, park on Mountain Ave at the base of the hill (Claraboya). It’s called a trail, but it is really paved all the way. The trail is fully wheelchair accessible. You can take a horse, bring a dog, bike, stroller, or your own two feet.

The Impossible Triangle

Walk east on Thompson Creek Trail on the paved portion of the trail. You will walk past Higginbotham Park and on the left after the park you will see a set of stone stairs going down. Go down the steps toward the wash past a sign saying North Claremont Preserve. At the bottom of the stairs turn right. Walk 40 steps east towards a large orange boulder. Look south/east (150 degrees) you will see a small shrub with rocks at the base between the dirt path and the paved path. The box you seek is under small rocks at the base of the bush near a large orange rock.

Stairs Going Up or Stairs Going Down

Go back up to the paved path and keep walking east. You will eventually see a water fountain and bench to stop and take a breather at. There is even a drinking fountain for a pooch if you like. When the path forks at another bench, take the left path. At the dog waste station/parking area go off the paved path towards the wash again. Take a bearing of 230 degrees. It should lead you left behind the bushes. There should be large logs lining the dirt path. From the last log with 3 trunks head west 40 paces. Look for a small palm tree on the left side (opposite the fence/wash side). At the base of the palm tree look for a suspicious pile of rocks, the LNL resides there under a coat of granite spray paint (I recommend using a stick or gloves to get it out from under the palm, that thing is sharp!).

Old Lady or Young Lady

Back up to the dog waste station and proceed further east down the path. You will reach a gated area with a “No Hunting” sign. Cross the road and go through the next gate with a Thompson Creek Trail sign. There are a ton of rocks next to it, have a seat next to the welcome sign. When you are ready continue down the trail counting wood posts on the right. At the 5th post should sit a large boulder. Tucked behind the boulder and a small shrub is the box you seek under small rocks.

Please be cautious when you retrieve or replace a box, as this trail can be quite busy at times. Also put back rocks and debris carefully so as to preserve this series. Please contact me if any of the boxes need maintenance.

Hike Length: 1.0 miles