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Huelle Family Monument LbNA #37991

Owner:mickeymh Contact
Plant date:Feb 16, 2008
City:Twenty-Nine Palms
County:San Bernardino
Found by: Azroadie
Last found: Feb 25, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 16, 2008
This is our first box!

Proceed at your own risk. This journey will require you to drive out into the desert on dirt roads. We got there without a four wheel drive vehicle. Use the regular "Desert Hiking" precautions: bring water and a snack and pay attention to where you are! Watch for snakes!

Head to Twenty-Nine Palms and then leave the city going East on Highway 62.

Pass the Airport you will come to a turn in the road and then another turn (a soft zig-zag). Your next turn is 7 miles from the end of the zig-zag. If you get to IronAge Road, you've gone too far!

You will see a white bowling pin looking thing out in the desert on the right, that will be the sign that you are getting close to the turn!

The name of the street is Chadwick Road. There is a street sign for it on the left. Turn Right onto this road. It is paved for about 1.5 miles, then it turns to the bowling pin thing. Go check it out if you like!

Keep going down the dirt road until you come to a Y in the road. It is 1.5 miles from the Highway.

Caution! If you keep to the left it is VERY SANDY! You will get stuck without a four wheel drive vehicle made for sand. If you stay to the right you can turn around fairly easily and head back to to the highway on the same road. We pull a trailer with a light truck here very often and it isn't bad at all.

So! Here is where you get out and walk! :)

Stand at the center of the Y in the road and look at 120 degrees (about 11 o'clock if you are facing south). There are three small mounds of rock there. The tallest one is where you will find our box.

Walk straight to the middle of those piles of rock (you could call them hills) and climb up to the top of the tallest one. It is the one farthest south. It is a half mile walk and up hill. I hope you have your water with you!

On the south side of the hill you will see a monument built out of rocks. It is pretty obvious when you get there!

Take off the top two rocks and look inside. You found it!
Be extra careful when you reach inside. Poke around with a stick first! There may be critters!

Thanks for coming!

BTW-If you do have a four-wheel drive or you are courageous like my husband, you can keep goind on the right of the Y and you run into Gold Crown Road. Keep going up that road until you get to the hills and there are lots of old mines and burned out vehicles to explore. Gold Crown Road does go back to the highway, too.