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The only one in Bermuda LbNA #37684

Owner:The CountryWalker Contact
Plant date:Jan 18, 2008
City:Air Port
Found by: heartbandits
Last found: Jan 17, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 18, 2008
The Only one in Bermuda is a porcupine.

In all my visits to Bermuda, and there have been many, I have marveled at the beauty this island has to offer. However, I miss the wildlife.
My letterbox is for a porcupine, a rodent native to Canada and many parts of the United States.
The most prominent feature of the porcupine are its quills. It can have as many as 30.000.
It eats leaves, and twigs, and green plants. It makes its den in caves, decaying logs, and hollow trees.
“The only one in Bermuda” can be found at the Blue Hole.
This 12-acre nature reserve is located opposite the Grotto Bay Beach Resort down the hill at the end of the causeway and at the waters edge, with parking and restrooms. There is a well groomed trail featuring wetland habitat, an observation post for bird watching and the fairytale setting of the Blue Grotto. Stand on the wooden platform and lose yourself staring into the deep blue waters that fill this sunken cave. There is also a limestone cavern hidden among the vegetation.
In this limestone cavern you will find the porcupine.
Take the trail into the Blue Hole and count three utility poles on your right. In front of the third pole you will find an opening in a tall dense hedge and a footpath leading to the sunken cave. Just before the cave you will see a big boulder on your right. Behind this boulder you will see an opening in the rock with a piece of rock shaped like a turtle’s neck and head hanging down. The porcupine is hidden on the left side in this hole.
Please rehide the letterbox well and let me know how the porcupine is doing
Happy trails.