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Three Leaves LbNA #37669 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jan 21, 2008
Planted by:Mer&Ed
Found by: Tiernans of AZ
Last found:Jan 27, 2008
Last edited:Dec 17, 2015
The Three Leaves box has gone missing. We hope to replace it one day. So sorry.



The Main Glendale Public Library is on the southwest corner of 59th Avenue and Brown Street, between Olive Avenue and Peoria Avenue. Enter the main parking lot, which sits on the west side of the building. The rows of parking spaces are separated by botanical gardens and walking paths. Head to the southwest corner of the parking lot. This area is usually quite deserted. You can park here. Look for the sign post with three signs on it. From here follow the curb west for approximately seven paces until you come to a wooden beam that heads south. Follow it. At the end of the beam and under three rocks is the box.

After you’ve replaced the box, shove some leaves over it to hide it well. Take a long afternoon and enjoy our three leaves—the leaves of the books in the library, the leaves of the trees, and leaving your stamp in our book!