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Clark Kerr #2 (Skate Pipe) [This letterbox is miss LbNA #37533 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jan 12, 2008
Planted by:Berkeley Family
Found by: Loose-Arrows
Last found:Jun 15, 2008
Last edited:Jan 12, 2008
Did you know that there's a skate board park on Clark Kerr Campus? It's pretty cool to go there on a Summer's evening and watch the youngsters (and oldsters) do crazy stunts! It's about 10 feet tall! Anyway, from the main courtyard of Clark Kerr campus, head East, and follow a path up and to the right, toward the tennis courts (there are two - did you know they were there?). In between the tennis courts and the skate board half-pipe is a picnic table and an outdoor grill. Take about 8 paces East of the grill. Do you see a stump on the ground? Underneath that stump is our letterbox! Good luck!