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Possible Pile LbNA #37420 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jan 4, 2008
Planted by:Flying Frog
Found by: Amos 5:26
Last found:May 6, 2009
Last edited:Jan 4, 2008
This box is being serviced and relocated.....10/3/10


This letterbox is placed in memory of our beloved dad and his love for "possible piles." Jadjew,(grandpa in Polish) was born and raised a CT Yankee, and moved to Tucson in 1980. He loved the desert.

A Possible Pile is another word for recycling. Is it trash or treasure? If it offers possiblilities, it is a treasure! Our dad used to meander along the Rillito River often. More times than not, he would return home with a "piece of the pile." Scavenger hunting and recycling has always appealed to our family. Dad would have loved letterboxing!


On Limberlost Dr. (between 1st Ave. & Campbell) go north on Mountain one block. Park along Prospect behind the elementary school. Enter through the River Park Gateway entrance. Watch for bikers!

As you walk, note the brightly colored loft homes on your right. Vista Del Norte Mobile Home Park is on your left across the culvert. Take a left (head west) over the first bridge you see. No bikes are allowed on this path. Keep walking. There are two parallel footpaths. One path is along the railing, walk on the path on the left. There will be vegetation on both sides of you. Pass the picnic table, BBQ, and the brown "snake-like" curvy wall. Keep walking.
As you look north across the riverbed, you will see Rillito Park - home of horseracing, pow-wows, and lots of other activities... "Listen for drums, horses, and children!"
Stop walking when you are about even with the power pole at Rillito Park. On your left,(or behind you) there will be a vicious *Texas Ebony* guarding the letterbox.

* The Texas Ebony is a medium sized evergreen tree with green leaves and thorny branches. It will have white puff-ball flowers from May - October. During other seasons, you will find large, curved dark brown pods on and below the tree. You can stamp at the picnic table and not draw attention to the box. Please hide the box carefully (with pods and debris on top) as this is a popular area.

The box is large enough to hold hitchhikers. Please record your find at Or, you can email me directly. We are sooo excited as this is our very first letterbox! Yahoo! :)

This box is located near "They're off!"

Be mindful of snakes and things that bite and stab.