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Avenue of the Giants LbNA #36024

Plant date:Aug 3, 2007
Planted by:GMKDLJ
Found by: MO UR4Me
Last found:Oct 29, 2022
Last edited:Aug 3, 2007
Difficulty: Easy
Hike length: From Visitor's Center, appx 1/4 mile
Appx 5-10 minutes each way + stamping time

The Avenue of the Giants is a 31 mile world famous scenic drive that parallels Freeway 101 in between the little towns of Phillipsville(on the south entrance) and Pepperwood(on the north entrance). It offers many stops to enjoy amazing displays of redwood groves. When we drove through this summer, we were so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of this area and were surprised that we only found one other letterbox in the region.

You can pick up brochures at roadside stops along the way that map out points of interest. To start your search, find the Visitor's Center(Stop #3 of the Auto Tour Brochure). From the Visitor's Center, cross the street and start down the "Nature Trail"(marked with a sign). When trail comes to a Y and is marked "Loop Trail" continue to the left. As you aproach the SECOND bridge, notice a large fallen redwood at your right. Hop onto the fallen tree and walk about halfway till you can jump to a second fallen tree trunk just to your left. Follow this trunk about halfway down where a smaller tree (appx. 12"diameter) is growing up through a cracked area. Look inside the trunk to find what you seek.

Make sure you allow time to continue on trail and hike around. Soooo breathtaking!!Please let me know when you make a visit. Thanks.

***We placed this stamp on the spur of the moment, so just used Ziplocs I had along. We don't live in the area, so if anyone is planning to visit and could possibly take along an extra watertight container, I would be greatly appreciative.***