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Eaton Canyon LbNA #3574

Owner:California Bear Contact
Plant date:Dec 3, 2002
County:Los Angeles
Found by: teamnelsondeiner
Last found: Mar 20, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 3, 2002
Placed by: Threedigs
Caretaker: California Bear (
Placed on: 12/3/02
Distance: 3/4 mile
Difficulty: 2 - Average
Terrain: 3.25 - Some overgrowth, poison oak
Last reported find: 11/14/2004

Rating is based on the Letterbox Rating System (

This box is located at the Eaton Canyon Nature Area in Altadena (near Pasadena). For specific directions you can go to the park's website at Admission is free, and the hike is quite manageable with children or infant joggers.

When you arrive, park in the second parking lot and walk past the yellow gate at the north end of the lot. Follow the main path past several picnic areas, downhill, and across the creek bed. At the fork, turn left.

You will go up a steady incline at the top of which is a large clearing. Continue going straight. You will pass two large trees, one on either side of the trail. Continue to a large five-trunked tree on your left. Make a left turn here (where the rock is) and head off the main trail. You will see a patch of prickly pear on your left.

Continue 37 paces to a rocky area in front of a large grove of trees. There is some poison oak here, so be cautious. I recommend long pants and possibly gloves. From the beginning of the rocky section, head 28 paces south to a large five-trunked tree. The box is hidden in the center of the trunks.