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Falcon LbNA #35672

Plant date:Oct 1, 2007
City:Kananaskis Village
County:Alberta, CAN
State:Alberta, Canada
Planted by:Blue J
Found by: Nairon
Last found:Jul 24, 2023
Last edited:Oct 1, 2007
At the north end of Barrier Lake, on Highway 40 in Kananaskis Country, find the road signs for the University of Calgary Kananaskis Field Station, the Colonel's Cabin Historic Site and the Barrier Lake Forestry Trails. Turn east at the signs and take an immediate north (left) turn. Stop at the small parking lot on the right. From the parking lot, look right to the Colonel's Cabin and left to the Forestry Trail. Follow the trail left, across Barrier Creek and up the hill. The viewpoint at the top, on the left (Trail points 17 and 18) is great! Keep going. Somewhere between points 15 and 16, you will see a sign:
Aspen-Pine-Spruce Community.
Facing the sign, look beyond to find the V, formed by a straight spruce tree and an aspen tree leaning right: l/.
Walk behind the V and at the base of the spruce tree look for a flat rock and a y-forked branch leaning against the spruce's trunk. Look under the rock. Please replace leaf litter, rock, branch and possibly snow as found.
On your way back, check out the Colonel's Cabin, last remnant of a World War II German prisoner-of-war camp, and the Veterans Guard of Canada memorial.