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First aid neededNorthern Owl LbNA #35671

Owner:Blue J Contact
Plant date:Oct 1, 2007
County:Alberta, CAN
Found by: Coastar
Last found:Jul 26, 2020
Last edited:Oct 1, 2007
From Calgary, drive west on the Trans Canada (Highway 1). Turn south onto the Sibbald Flats Road (Highway 68). If you're coming from Banff, turn south onto the Kananaskis Highway (No.40), then left (east) onto Highway 68. Find the sign, on the north side of Highway 68, for the Jumpingpound Demonstration Forest (north loop).
If you want to stop at the outdoor exhibit (and the outdoor toilets), head up right to the log cabin, a great place for a picnic.
Otherwise, follow the dirt road, driving across the cattle guard and begin the Forest tour.
At the third stop, Forest Rangelands, park and walk to the sign and admire the view. With your back to the sign, walk 17 paces directly across the road to a fir tree. Turn right and walk 24 paces to the jack pine with a small lightning split in the lower trunk. Turn left and walk 14 paces to a fallen log between 2 more pine trees. On the left side of the log, behind the first tree, look under a samall rock and y-forked branch.
Please replace rock, branch, leaf litter and/or snow as found.
If the chickadees and nuthatches are particularly noisy, look around and you may find a real owl on one of the trees.