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Star Bellied Sneetch Machine LbNA #35473

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:Sep 24, 2007
Found by: quiltjoy
Last found: Oct 15, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 24, 2007
The other day in Willits I found the most remarkable, astounding, exciting thing! I found the fabulous machine from Dr. Seuss’s The Sneetches, the machine which could both add and remove stars to the bellies of Sneetches. For those who do not know this wonderful story it’s about a community comprised of two groups of Sneetches, those who have stars on their bellies and those who do not have stars on their bellies. At different times each of the two groups protests that they are the very best Sneetches on account of their particular star-bellied situation. And whichever group feels they are the best shuns the other group and forbids them from attending their frankfurter roasts. The stars are both removed and added to their bellies by a shyster named McBean who owns a machine which for the right price will remedy whatever your unfortunate star belly situation happens to be. Anyhow, it is clear that the machine has been put out to pasture in Willits and for the price of your stamp in my book I’ll tell you where it is!

It is near the Roots of Motive Power yard in Willits. The Roots of Motive Power is an organization which collects, preserves and restores old lumbering machinery, much of it saved from rusting out in the woods where many old engines and pieces of machinery were discarded when their productive days were over. The Roots of Motive Power give classes and have various events. If you are interested look here:

To find the Roots of Motive Power and the Star Bellied Sneetch Machine Letterbox drive to Willits. Although the general public are not normally invited into the Roots of Motive Power’s large yard there is a small display right off East Commercial and you can also peer over their fence to see inscrutable old machines.

Commercial Street is perpendicular to Highway 101 on the north end of Willits. When you reach Commercial turn in the direction of Grand Junction, Colorado. Pass the old Skunk Train Depot on your right. When you see the Mendocino County Museum a little further on on your left pull in and park in front of it. When you are directly in front of the museum out of your car on the sidewalk face the museum. Then turn right and walk until you arrive at the Roots of Motive Power Memorial. Take a look at the machinery. Admire the handsome steam powered spool donkey. Then follow the split rail fence travelling east. If you pass something divine you’re headed in the correct direction. Twenty-five steps after your divine experience cross over the bridge and walk to the closest building. Follow the building to its north side where you will observe two sets of tracks. Stand in the middle of the two sets of tracks next to the building. Look north within the fenced yard and spy a fine old machine which clearly at one time applied and removed stars to the bellies of Sneetches. Walk to the right end of the machine and note an open bin on the left side. I’m sure this is where McBean collected his fees and had the Sneetches enter the machine. Reach in the bin and up and on the ceiling a few inches in you’ll feel a magnetized box. Pull it out and there’s your letterbox.

Thank you for coming!