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Take it easy-The Blue Eagle LbNA #34636

Owner:The Blue Eagle Contact
Plant date:Aug 28, 2007
City:Van Buren
Found by: wayward wanderers
Last found:Oct 9, 2010
Last edited:Aug 28, 2007
Start out on W. Pointer Trail. Turn onto N 11th street, and follow until you arrive a City Park Road (Dr. Louis Peer Memorial Park). Follow City Park Road until you reach N. 11th Street, Turn Right. Turn left to go to the lower parking area across from the playground. Park and enjoy the view for just a moment. See the old walking path? Follow it across the creek and keep walking the old path until it ends. Stop and Look around. To the right you will see a series of 5 Cedar trees in close proximity. Hopefully your ready to tromp around into the bushes. If I was a hidden letter box I would hide at the base of a tree for shelter.
Note! Please bring stamp, pen and pad. PLEASE rehide carefully.