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Never Squat With Your Spurs On LbNA #34481

Owner:Zebra Contact
Plant date:Aug 26, 2007
City:Palo Alto
County:Santa Clara
Found by: Nature Hikers
Last found: Dec 1, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 26, 2007
11/20/08: New hand carved stamp! 09/28/09: New location.

Replacement for my Cowgirls Letterbox, which was SNATCHED.

From southbound Interstate 280, take the Page Mill Rd. exit. Go straight, onto Arastradero Rd. From northbound Interstate 280, take the Page Mill Rd. exit. Turn left onto Page Mill Rd. Turn left at the first stop sign, onto Arastradero Rd.

Continue on Arastradero Rd., passing three stop signs. After the third stop sign, turn right onto Old Adobe Rd. Continue on Old Adobe Rd. almost to the end. Find the California Registered Historical Landmark Number 524. Stand at the left side of the Landmark, facing the field behind. Take approx. 8 steps and turn to your left. You will see a large, multi-trunked eucalyptus tree a few feet away. Walk around to the rear of this tree. What you seek is at the base of this tree. Remember to be discreet. Please replace the letterbox and camouflage it well with bark debris.

Be careful of poison oak in the area. I did not see any around this tree when I planted the letterbox.