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Yikes LbNA #34153

Owner:PenGwen Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jul 7, 2007
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 7, 2007
Note: On Atlas Quest you will find an "Extreme" rating. We couldn't figure out quite what to indicate, but we consider this box pretty far from being extreme. It does require something other than a walk up to it, but on a hot day you might enjoy a quick dip.

As you are entering Silver Lake from the north turn left at the sign for Kit Carson Lodge. After you pass by Ferguson Point Day Use Area park your car in the small parking area on your left at the cove. Once parked look out toward the lake and notice the small islands. The letterbox is located on the islands to your right and is closest to Ferguson Pt. Once on the island the letterbox is hidden between two prone logs and is closest to the larger of the two. Take 5 steps down from the large tree or 6 steps up from the roots of the larger log.
Why “Yikes!”, well this is probably the most unusual plant we have made in our 250 or so plants and you will discover the “why” when you stamp in. If you are there around sunset be sure to check out the sunset reflection on Thunder Mountain.
We planted the box when we were kayaking, but the distance is certainly a short swim and even better using an innertube.

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