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Green Coyote LbNA #34011 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Aug 10, 2007
Planted by:Green Coyote
Found by: T,A and G (2)
Last found:Aug 17, 2007
Last edited:Aug 10, 2007
This is the first letter box I placed so have fun and good luck finding it!

Green Coyote

Difficulty: first box is easy to find, tricky to get to.
The other 3 are hard to find.

Hike time: 5 minutes

Supplies: your personal stamp and ink, pen, compass, small shovel(if you don't want to get your hands dirty.)

Make sure to wear closed-toe shoes and pants if you don't like bugs. there are some parts where you have to go through small trees to keep on the trail. I didn't come prepared when I hid it but if I did it would have gone much faster:)

Take CA-49 towards Sonora. Turn left on Parrots Ferry toward Columbia State Park. Follow road for 2.5 miles. You will pass Columbia State Park on your left then shortly after turn left into Pioneer Park. Go up the gravel road and stay to your right. You will see a baseball field, playground, and a rectangle batting cage. Park close to the left side of batting cage. Stand at very left end of cage facing away from the park, look directly ahead and you will see a small pine tree. To the right of that tree is another small pine. Walk over to the second tree. About 10ft in the same direction is a small whitish hill. Go to top of the hill and look across to top on the other side of ditch. There is a small rock pile there and thats where you're heading. (At bottom of ditch is 1 medium-sized rock just to the right of the trail.) Follow trail down and up ditch, pass over rock pile at top and go under a little tree branch. (if you look hard enough you can find the stray baseball.) Stay to right to get up to the highest point of that hill. Its about 6ft from rock pile. Go down the hill passing over 2 brown mossy rocks and look up to about 11 O'clock. There is a giant fallen pine tree and my letterbox is hidden under the rock pile where its roots are. I put 2 pinecones there to mark it. You have to dig a little! Let me know when you find it! Thank You!!! Oh and if you use a shovel hide it deeper if you can:)

To find the other ones you have to find the first one!!! There are more detailed clues in the box!!! If you can't find the other boxes please put the clue card back in the origional box so others can have a shot at it! Put a mark next to the one(s) you found so people dont look for the prize that is'nt there anymore! Don't forget to e-mail me when you find them!:)

Green Coyote #1 unstable uphill trail
Green Coyote #2 hides NW under quartz (found)
Green Coyote #3 under smallest pine