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Goggles of Fun LbNA #33569

Plant date:Jul 28, 2007
Planted by:Veggie Van Contact
Found by: fleetwood7
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 28, 2007
To get this box, take Hwy 49 out of Auburn towards Cool/Georgetown. Hwy 49 will wind you down into the canyon, when you reach the river, stay on Hwy 49 toward Cool as it takes a sharp right over the first bridge.

Immediately after crossing the bridge, park on the right side of the road, and take the pedestrian (& equestrian) trail that runs parallel to the river. Go 150 paces the trail until you reach the No Hands pedestrian bridge (you don’t really have to count all those paces if you don’t want to). Do not cross the bridge, but instead take the smaller trail just before the bridge that heads of to the left, just to the left of the bridge. This is the trail marked for Cool in 3.1 miles.

Go up this trail for 13 paces (26 steps) where you’ll reach an even smaller trail to the right that takes you down to the river (those first two steps are the dodgiest). Follow this trail all the way down to the river and when you reach the edge of the river, turn so that you have your back to it. Straight in front of you, about 40 feet up the hill there is a little scrubby, triple-trunk oak just in front of a pine tree. Amongst the mingled roots of these trees, hidden under some rocks is that treasure you seek.

* At certain times this can be a popular spot, and this hiding place is visible from the riverside and walking bridge, so please be discreet.

* I have marked this as "kid friendly" box (and I've taken the trail with several children of different ages) but the trail is a little narrow and steep in parts.

* There is quite a bit of poison oak around this area so take care- but if you stay on the trail, you should be fine.

Now, after all those disclaimers- it's a great, easy find- go enjoy!