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First aid neededTop of the Road LbNA #33305

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact
Plant date:Jul 22, 2007
Found by: mr ahclem
Last found: Nov 1, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 22, 2007
U.S. Route 101, also known as Highway 101, The 101 in Southern California, and simply 101 in Northern California, is one of the last remaining and longest U.S. Routes still active in California. 101 was also one of the original U.S. Routes established in 1926. US 101 ascends Ridgewood Summit at 1953 feet above sea level, the highest elevation along the route's 807-mile trek through California.

To find this letterbox proceeding south from Willits drive 4 1/2 miles from the southernmost traffic light in Willits. Noting Walker Road on your right you will begin the ascent and soon will arrive in Ridgewood territory. After awhile you will note the CHP weigh station on your right. Shortly after this you will see an old motel, restaurant and a defunct gas station. Turn right here at the Fiesta Restaurant sign entrance, also Black Bart Drive. Drive past the defunct gas station, past the dead/languishing restaurant, past the motel and proceed back toward Willits on this small rutted road. When you've driven under the sign touting the joys of gambling turn into the large semi-useless parking area to your left. Locate the stairway to nowhere and find the Top of the Road Letterbox underneath the sixth stair behind several rocks.

Thank you for coming.