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Sockeye LbNA #33201

Owner:Arctic Tern Contact
Plant date:Jul 8, 2007
City:Russian River Trail
County:Kenai Peninsula
Location: Cooper Landing
Found by: deniserows
Last found:Sep 17, 2007
Last edited:Jul 8, 2007
I have not been back to check on this box. If you are walking the Russian River trail and would like to check for it I would love to have an up date on it's status.

.pmats uoy elihw sllaf eht pu gnipmuj nomlas ees dna dnif elbuod a teg ll'uoy ebyaM .dnif ruoy drocer ot skced gniweiv eht ot xob ekaT

sdray 006 gnihsif nomlas
gnihsif trops nomlas on

:morf spets 81 tuoba ,seert hcrib eerht rednu wolloh a ni nemrehsif dna selgae morf sedih won dna reviR naissuR eht fo tuo thgir depmuj nomlas sihT .erawa raeb eb tsuj ,srellorts dna sdik rof doog dna deniatniam llew ,ni selim 3.2 s'tI .liart taerg siht fo dne eht at egami eyekcos eht niatbO

Please keep box clean of food particles. Bears are rude nonboxers, we have had one box destroyed.

The bag for the log book is too small, if someone would take in a sandwhich sized zip lock that would be great. Also the hiding place seems deep, I didn't want to stick my arm in there to feel how far back it went. I should have wedged a few rocks in there to keep the box from getting pushed to far in but nonboxers came. Anyway, just be careful when you replace the box not to push it too far in unless you feel inclined to put a big stick or rock back in there to keep it from falling too far back. With that being said if you can't find the box it may be because it is way back in there.