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Trinity Series LbNA #33135

Owner:Birddoggers Contact
Plant date:Jun 16, 2007
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 16, 2007
The first is an easy hike
#1 - Cherry Flats
Leaving Weaverville, go north on Hwy 3 approximately 12 miles. Turn left onto Trinity Alps Road (just after the bridge). Drive slowly through the resort!! Stop in for a tasty ice cream cone! Continue up the road approx. 2 miles to the Stuart Fork Trailhead. Begin the one mile walk to Cherry Flat. Staying on the main, wide trail, just past the second Private Property sign, the road forks. Bear left woard that wild, mossy tree that looks like something from a horror movie. Go straight past the tree. Find a fallen tree pointing straight to the water. Go to the rocks at the end of that tree and have a sit. Enjoy the water!

To find your treasure, stand up facing the water and then turn 120 degrees to your left. See the root wad of another fallen tree. On the other side of the root wad, under the fallen tree on the uphill side, y our treasure is hidden covered by a rock.

#2 - Trinity
Getting back to your vehicle, head back down the Trinity Alps Road through the resort area. Pull over when you see the Trinity Alps Resort sign over the roadway. At the base of the sign, on the right side of the road, you will find your treasure beneath two rocks.

#3 - Fun in the Sun
Travel on from the Trinity Alps Road, turning right onto Hwy 3 (heading south). Approx. a mile later on your left you will see the Osprey National Recreation Area Information parking area. Stand on the observation deck and enjoy the view. Is the water REALLY low? It was when we were there. Looking 45 degrees to the left, you will see five trees together. At the base of the tree, closest to you on the uphill side, you will find your treasure under pine needles.