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Never Never Land LbNA #32877

Owner:reptlcal Contact
Plant date:Jul 11, 2007
Found by: fleetwood7 (3)
Last found: Oct 23, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 11, 2007
Directions (off 101):
1. turn off on Lucas Valley off ramp
2. take Lucas Valley Rd. (west)
3. turn right onto Huckleberry Rd.
4. turn left on Idleberry Rd
5. park car here

Box #1
1. go through blocked area
2. head to first trail on right
3. go to cross trail past fence
4. turn right and walk to trail sighn with tital
5. go to bush that sighn points to
6. find box #1
Box #2
1. go to trail heading east
2. go over first hill
3. go into forest and stop in front of second dead tree on left
4. head right past tree with holes and cross creek to tree.
5. find box #2 in hollow branch stump
Box #3
1. head to trail and stop at the creek crossing the trail
2. walk 60 normal steps in middle of trail
3. on left go to 10' oak tree/bush
4. find box #3

Email me if missing or needs maintness.
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