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The Lone Oak Letterbox LbNA #32438

Owner:Crazy Catz Contact
Plant date:Nov 28, 2008
Found by: Team Monty
Last found: Feb 25, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 28, 2008
The Lone Oak Letterbox

This one has been moved, ever so clues below:

1. Go to the park where dogs are NOT in the way, and park in the lot next to where the dogs play.

2. Head west on the trail toward the bench and trees up ahead, you'll have many choices, but turn north, and take the low road instead.

3. Enjoy your walk until a wooden bridge meets your feet, then cross it, turn left, and wind around until you meet....

4. The lone oak tree just up the trail and to the side, it is here where the lone oak letterbox does reside.

5. Walk over to the tree, and stand by its trunk, climb up the slope to where the southwest branch meets the ground...look beneath the pile of moss and rocks, and find our special letter box.

Good luck and enjoy your wilderness walk!!