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Under the Oak Tree LbNA #32283

Owner:Mama and the Chicks Contact
Plant date:Jun 24, 2007
Found by: Mama and the Chicks
Last found: Jul 9, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 24, 2007
Wheelchair accessible: no
Drive-by: no
Handcarved stamp: yes (my favorite of all the ones I've done)

It is hard to find a spot at camp that is
1) private,
2) out of reach of the river if it floods, and
3) not covered in poison oak.

We finally settled on a hiding place on the trail to Champagne Pool.

Begin at the backstop in Bug Meadow. Walk about 120 paces through the maintenance area and start down the path to Champagne Pool. You will come to a fallen log across the trail. Look for an oak tree with a few chain links hanging from it. Cross the fallen log and take eight more steps down the trail. Between the trail and the chained oak tree you will see a charred stump surrounded by a harmless plant called Mountain Misery. The oak-looking things are not poison oak; they are oak saplings and also harmless.

At ground level on the uphill side of the stump you will see rocks and large bark pieces. Remove these to find a very deep hole. The letterbox is hidden in the hole. Please replace very carefully. You will probably have to reach into the hole to remove debris before replanting the box. It's a big letterbox along a well-used path.

In addition to your stamp, please sign your trail name, city and the date in our notebook.

After finding the letterbox, you can continue down the path to enjoy jumping off the rocks and swimming at Champagne Pool.

Happy Letterboxing! Happy Swimming!