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Litte Red Caboose LbNA #32163

Owner:memorymaking Contact
Plant date:Jun 23, 2007
City:West Point
Found by: Inveterate Learner
Last found: Feb 20, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 23, 2007

The trains in West Point long ago
Changing cargo from across state lines,
Once had this lonely train yard
Seeing very busy times.

For those of us who live here,
The whistles sound often
And a look inside the Depot
Ensures history will not be forgotten!
(Plus there are miniature trains!)

Go to the West Point Depot and Caboose. From the end of the red caboose, walk approximately 32 stes to the right side of the deck on the end of the depot. Under the deck, next to the structure of depot, the letterbox is against the pole of the deck, covered in pinestraw and a small rock. This was a really hard place to hide, and there are lots of activities involving children around the depot, so please help us rehide it well. Also, lots of onlookers across the street.