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Spencer @ Irvine Park LbNA #31488

Plant date:Apr 26, 2007
Planted by:planit organic Contact
Found by: BWB
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 26, 2007
Go through the gate @ Irvine Park and drive around to parking lot # 16. Park near restroom. Above restroom you'll see an asphalt road/trail. You will see a point where the trail forks off. At that point, proceed straight across trail to the dry riverbed. Cross to the other side of the riverbed. You will see another trail. Turn left and proceed down trail approx. 1/4 mile (this is an estimate). You will see a water spigot about 3 1/2 feet high just off the trail on your right. Next to that there is a manhole cover that says electric. Veer off the trail to your right, past the spigot and diagonally about 40 paces ahead. You will see a big split tree. On the back side of the tree, at the bottom, behind some rocks is a large crack in the tree trunk. Pull away the rocks and you will find the box. Have fun! Please replace rocks when you are finished and have a great day @ Irvine Park