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Campground Full -- Missing LbNA #31367 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:May 26, 2007
City:Show Low
Planted by:Varkdog, AMK & LiL Frog
Found by: ajp
Last found:Dec 15, 2007
Last edited:May 26, 2007
This letterbox has been reported missing as of Sept 2008.

Memorial Day weekend 2007 took us to the White Mountains. Upon arrival to Fool Hollow State Park, where we'd planned on camping, a "Campground Full" sign was posted. We entered the park anyway to ask the volunteer if she knew of any other campgrounds in the area that might have availability. Fortunately she sent us to a great location where we spent the weekend. While setting up camp, pitching the tent, and organizing our site AMK was inspired to carve a stamp and place a letterbox.

Campground Full is located in Fool Hollow State Park, pay the $6 park entrance fee at the gate and get a park map. Locate the "Day Use Area" west of Bald Eagle Loop. Park and locate the concrete path between the restroom / shower house and amphitheater that leads to the steps. Walk down the steps. At the bottom of the steps, turn to the left and walk along the footpath for 90 paces to a knee-high oak shrub cluster. Walk over the rocks and along a boulder wall 21 more paces to a double pine tree on the left. From the double pine tree locate 220* and walk 10 paces toward the wall of boulders to a single pine tree. From the southwest side of the single pine locate 240* to an ankle-high hidey hole to find the "Campground Full Letterbox."