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Friendship Quilt LbNA #31206

Plant date:May 24, 2007
County:Virginia Beach city
Planted by:BeachGal Contact
Found by: CurlingConundrum
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 24, 2007
A friend Mama Llama, carved the stamp for this letterbox, then mailed it to me to hide. It is a Friendship Quilting Block, for all you quilters out there! I hid it at the park where we started our Letterboxing adventures last summer with Kayaklil's Great Outdoors Series 1. Make sure you find her boxes while here!

1. Find West Neck Creek Nature Trail, located at the corner of North Landing Rd and Courthouse Drive. It looks like a parking lot for city employees (it is!) but at the back of the lot, in the right hand corner, is the start of the nature trail. Follow the hiker signs.
2. Take the right hand paved trail.
3. Pass the bench at the T in the trail.
4. Right before the 2nd bench, go off of the paved trail onto a rough trail on the left. The trail is marked by blue painted trees.
5. Across the trail from the 3rd blue painted tree there is a tree. See if there is anything hidden under it!