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Wild Winship Vikings LbNA #31123

Plant date:May 23, 2007
Planted by:ghillie_girl_428
Found by: C & H pure VB sugah
Last found:Feb 15, 2010
Last edited:May 23, 2007
I you want to find this letterbox, pelase do so on a weekend or during the summer, because it is a school, and they might have a lock-down or something if you come some other time. You start by taking Walnut...a Cyprus, and then you should see a school entrance...Winship Middle School. Instead of going straight, you turn right onto Cedar Ridge Street, and you should notice that about half way down the neighborhood there is a cement wall. When that cement wall turn to a wooden fence...STOP!! If you did this right there should be a gate. Once you go in, go to the "post" marked 11. Turn right and walk along the treeline...until you get behind the backstop of a baseball diamond about 15 feet away from "post" 11. It may sound scary, but I need you to go into the woods...not very far though, you should see a HUGE burned out tree...go up to it. Ir you go around the back...there is a hole...on the right side there is a slanted "pocket"...the letterbox is hidden behind some leaves in the "pocket" on the slanted trunk. I hope this wasn't too hard to follow...please contact me if you have any problems...