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Backcountry Weather Systems LbNA #30983

Owner:Dooriya Contact
Plant date:May 17, 2007
City:Santa Barbara
County:Santa Barbara
Found by: Turtle Girl
Last found: Oct 24, 2009
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 17, 2007

To the south of Heaven lies a rich little town
To the north you can scream and the clear sound
Will carry for days over ancient and endless
Rocks and trees and valleys and fungus.

Farther east than a ruined castle
A little west of The Peak
A giant bobbin is half-buried:
A landmark to what you seek.

Climb the little dune,
Go to the tallest tree,
Down to your right,
A tree tunnel you'll see.

On the other end,
A clearing you'll find;
Look for the boulder
With a shelf in mind.


Look out for broken glass, spiders, and random lightning strikes.