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Sacramento Parent Magazine #7 LbNA #30971

Plant date:May 12, 2007
Planted by:Sac Parent Contact
Found by: Not yet found!
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:May 12, 2007
Your search begins in a foothills town named for its “view of” the Meadow. (Break out your Spanish-English dictionary if you need a little help.) In this town, you’ll find a community park of the same name.

First, find the place where children play on swings and slides. It is not easy to find, but it is near the far end of the park.

As you walk around, keep an eye out for a spiral slide. Go down the spiral slide and stop at the bottom. In front of you will be a path. Follow the path in the direction you were facing when you were sitting at the bottom of the spiral slide. Follow the path as it winds around the pond where the ducks swim. Keep going until you see a sign that says "Rod Carveta Pathway."

Go past the sign until you get to the corner of the place where people play baseball. Search high and low until you find a large culvert. You will know it when you see it. As you approach it, you will notice a broken white pipe on the ground.

Look through the broken white pipe and you will see the Sacramento Parent Letterbox. A sandwich container is hidden at the end of the pipe, nestled in the blackberries.

Be sure to replace it right where you found it, so that others can enjoy this letterbox too.