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Eagle Rock on Monte Sano LbNA #30507

Plant date:Apr 15, 2007
Planted by:LiveNLearn
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found:Dec 1, 2014
Last edited:Apr 15, 2007
This letterbox is placed on the new Trough Springs Trail that passes through parts of Monte Sano State Park, The Huntsville Land Trust and Burritt Musuem lands. See the Land Trust website to get specific directions to the parking lot.
Park in the South Monte Sano Trough Springs Trail Parking lot on the right hand side of Monte Sano Blvd, just past the turn to Burritt Musuem (don't turn to Burritt). Follow the trail markers for Trough Springs Trail. You want to count the diamond shaped trail markers affixed to the trees. You will walk the distance of 11 (eleven) trail markers. During this time you will pass two man-made resting benches. After the second bench you will come to a "switchback" (where the trail goes back and forth quickly a couple of times). After this switchback, you want to look for the large fallen tree to the right of the trail after a little creekbed. This fallen tree points to a tree that "appears" to be standing in the trail in front of you. It has roots on each side that look like tiny legs. To the left of this tree just off the trail is a large boulder, that if you look at it with an open mind, looks like the head of a Bald Eagle. Look in the "neck" crevice of the Eagle and you will find what you seek. This hike is kid friendly and took us (with three kids under 8) about 25 minutes one way. Have fun and please replace well sealed in the bags! This letterbox has a pen and a stamp pad.