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I Left in San Francisco! LbNA #30403

Plant date:Mar 20, 2007
City:Pleasant Hill
County:Contra Costa
Planted by:Blackmagic
Found by: ETKA
Last found:Feb 26, 2010
Last edited:Mar 20, 2007
Located in Paso Nogal Park, in Pleasant Hill, CA.

To access this Letterbox you need to go to one of the back, unmarked, entrances to the park, it is located at the end of Odin Drive, going West off Morello.

Once you find the entrance, and enter the park, you will go immediately North, up the hill, and along the fence.

You will come to a large rock in the path, continue until you see a bench on your left, with the name of, “Vern Oswald” on it. You may want to take a break to enjoy the view!

Continue on the path aprox. 33 more steps until you come to a rock on the right side of the path.

At this point take a compass bearing of 35 degrees and take 20 steps to a tree.

On the Northwest side of this tree will be the find under a rock and some brush.

Be sure to cover back up completely, you may want to bring back to the bench, to stamp your logbook.

There is no inkpad in this letterbox.