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Camp Josepho LbNA #30369

Owner:PeterK Contact
Plant date:Apr 22, 2007
City:Pacific Palisades
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Feb 5, 2012
Last edited:Apr 22, 2007
This letterbox was originally placed for all Boy Scouts of America who spend time at Camp Josepho, a camp of the Western Los Angeles County Council Boy Scouts of America, but it is also accessible by all others as it is located just outside the Southern border of the camp.
For more about this camp, log on to the internet at

You will need a rake and or glove to retrieve and replace this letterbox.

If you start your search from Camp Josepho (i.e. if you have permission to access the 'private property' of the camp) then skip this text to '(**)' below, else continue reading here:

Hike length: About 3.6 miles RT.
Elevation gain: Negligible via Rustic Canyon Trail; about 600 ft via Backbone Trail.

Proceed to the entrance of Will Rogers State Historic Park (WRSHP)(see also, which is part of the Topanga State Park, via Sunset Blvd, then Will Rogers State Park Road. To park inside the park area the usual CA state park fee (under $10) is required, but one can park outside the park too and walk a little more. A map that shows WRSHP as part of Topanga State Park with all the trails, roads, etc. is available at the entry point to the WRSHP for $2. You do not need this map if you just want to go for the letterbox via the Rustic Canyon trail (you would ask for the location of the trail head at the gate and then proceed on it for 1.9 miles to the box).
But if you wish to also enjoy some great views you would be better off with the map because it shows the various hiking trails.
To follow the trails to the box that also give you some good views: From the entrance follow the signs to the Backbone Trail, also called Rogers Road Trail (its trailhead is located near Inspiration point, about .4 miles up the hills from the parking lots). After .9 miles on the Backbone trail (leading in NNW direction) take the unmarked trail that appears on the right and leads down, after .4 miles, into Rustic Canyon (onto the Rustic Canyon trail).

Follow the Rustic Canyon Trail NNW for about .4 miles, after which you will (**) arrive at the southern border of Camp Josepho.
You recognize this border by the remains of a swinging gate of which only its 2 rusty posts remain (some 50 yards West of these poles a part of a fence can be seen). With the "gate" at your back, i.e. looking South, walk about 32 steps South on the trail, then 16 steps East off the trail towards a tree which splits into 3 trunk-like branches about 8 feet above ground. The box was placed into the ground-level hole in the trunk, covered with debris.