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Topanga Hillside LbNA #29345

Plant date:Mar 19, 2007
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:Forestfiddle
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Sep 25, 2010
Last edited:Mar 19, 2007
From the Pacific Coast Highway: Go North on Topanga Canyon Blvd. Drive through town, and turn right on Hillside Drive.

From the San Frernando Valley: Exit the 101 at south Topanga Canyon Blvd. About five miles after the light at Dumetz, take a left on Hillside Drive.

Stay on Hillside as it curves around and around untill the end of the road. Then park at the end of the road. Go to the big fat log sticking out of the trailhead of Topanga State Park. Take 20-25 steps on this trail till the trail curves right. Go up the little slpe on the left side of the trail that goes stright into the bushes. When you reach the bushes look to your right and under the roots of the first small bush. Under the roots there is a rock, remove that rock and behind it is the letterbox.

This is our first letterbox I have ever hidden. My brother is helping me type it.