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The Headless Horseman LbNA #29273

Owner:jb kokopelli Contact
Plant date:Mar 11, 2007
Found by: Wag Time
Last found: Mar 11, 2007
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 11, 2007
I love urban legends and this one my mom told me. She grew up in this area. I am not sure what the history, if any, is of this legend. Supposedly, there is a headless horseman that roams and rides up and down the railroad track after dark. So, if you are getting this box at dark, you might want to just hang out and see if you see him...if you do, please let me know

Leave Ellisville on Hwy 11 south and drive for about 2 miles, past the State School and the Howard Industrial Park. Take the second road to the left (New Hope Road) to the Oak Grove Community. Continue until you can turn left again. Just before the rail road tracks is a small dirt/gravel drive on the left leading to the Oak Grove water tower. The sign on the gate reads “175 New Hope Road”. Once you are at the gate, facing the water tower, look to your left and walk to the first pine tree next to the fence. The lb is between that tree and the fence under debris.

Be sure to look for the “The Fire Tower” and “The Girls of Jones County” letterboxes while in this community.