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Children's Book Series LbNA #28884

Owner:ToT Contact
Plant date:Feb 18, 2007
Found by: Lee & Nancy (2)
Last found: May 27, 2012
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 18, 2007
Maintenance updates:
Letterboxers are having trouble finding one of the boxes. I believe it is #5, The Velveteen Rabbit as that one was placed in the least hidden area and may have disappeared. All others should be fine as of 9-17-10.
All boxes alive and well as of 4-5-08!

This series can be found by going to the park in the Santa Monica Mountains that used to be owned by the boy scouts. You’ll know you found the right park when you find the right letter to draw a circle around. If you need another hint, it is located about 5 miles east of the Pacific Coast Highway on Yerba Buena road north of Malibu.

LENGTH: The trail is about 3.5 miles roundtrip and can be completed in about 2-3 hours.

SUPPLIES: You will need a COMPASS, WATER, a FLASHLIGHT (just in case), and your stamp and stamp pads. Make sure you don’t forget your compass!

TRAIL: This trail is pretty rugged in parts. Some areas of the trail are close to the edge of the canyon with no protection. I was never nervous or concerned, but use your better judgment when bringing small children.

WILDLIFE: There are rattlesnake warnings in the area, but that’s pretty standard for this area of California. Just make sure you stay aware of your surroundings and always check before you reach. We saw lots of lizards, and two small snakes.

POISON OAK WARNING: When checking the boxes on 4-5-08, there was tons of poison oak along the trail and some near "Harry the Dirty Dog". If you tend to get poison oak like I do, I suggest wearing long pants and sleeves. I also use "Ivy Block" which is a lotion you put on that prevents the oil of the plant from getting on your skin.

REHIDE WELL! Please rehide all boxes better than when you found them. Make sure they can’t be seen from the trail, and please recover with the rocks so they won’t be washed away by any water that might come through. Fill any small holes between rocks with leaves and sticks.

HITCHIKERS: Most of the boxes are too small for hitchhikers, but I purposely got a larger box for the Velveteen rabbit (#5) so there should be plenty of room in that one.


When you get to the park, drive past the Ranger Station and continue down the terribly bumpy road to the day use parking area that is near the basketball court. Park your car here for the day (free!).

#1: Yertle the Turtle
At the day use parking area, stand with your back to the larger of the two “V” trees in the picnic area. Take a reading that puts the building near the basketball court at 330 degrees and a large rock at 50 degrees. Yertle is hidden on the east side of the large rock. Be sure not to trip over the flat rock on the ground. If you are about 5 feet 10 inches tall, Yertle will be at eye level hidden in a crevice of the large rock behind another smaller rock that rests on that ledge. Yertle’s container was too small for a logbook, but all of the others have books.

#2: Harry the Dirty Dog
Continue walking down the road to the campground. At the parking lot of the campground, look for the trailhead sign for The Grotto trail. Follow the Grotto trail until you reach the point where the trail crosses a dry (maybe) streambed. Before crossing the streambed, there will be a V tree on the right of the path. Take a reading of 290 degrees at this tree. At 290 degrees you will see a large boulder. Harry is hiding behind this boulder a little bit to the left of the center under many red rocks.

#3: Bread and Jam for Francis
Continue down the trail until you come to a fork in the path marked by a trail sign for the Canyon View trail. Stay straight (NOT left to the Canyon View) and to the right towards the sound of water (maybe). You will come immediately to a small stream and a “waterfall” (more like a watertrickle, really). Cross the stream to continue on the trail. After the grassland, you will come to a fork in the trail. At the fork, take the left path for 16 steps (stay left the whole time). Turn away from the canyon and Francis will be hiding under rocks 3 steps off the trail.

#4: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Go back to the fork and continue on the path on the right. After the trail opens up into another small grassy area after a small steep hill that ends with a large boulder on your right, take 23 steps from the boulder to the tree that reaches over the riverbed. The mouse’s house is in the left trunk of the tree about 3-4 feet off the ground under rocks and bark.

#5: The Velveteen Rabbit (big enough box for a hitchhiker)
Keep going past the Rattlesnake warning and past the post that indicates “0.6 miles to the Grotto”. You will come to a left bend in the path where you will see a large gnarled climbing tree and a large boulder that is in the riverbed. Take a reading of 45 degrees while standing in between the rock and the tree. Head 29 steps at 45 degrees towards the tree where the Velveteen rabbit is hiding under rocks behind the tree.

The Grotto: There are no more letterboxes, but the Grotto is really cool. I totally suggest continuing on. You get to climb on really big rocks that have fallen, and you can even go underneath them to little coves. Very cool.

Happy Hunting!