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Silverbell LbNA #28658

Owner:Desert Flower Contact
Plant date:Feb 4, 2007
Found by: Angel Winks
Last found:Jun 9, 2024
Last edited:Jun 13, 2024
Drive by
New unrock container & clues - June2024
Thanks, AngelWinks for recovering the contents.

Stamp hand-carved

This box is in Christopher Columbus Park in the northwest part of Tucson. From I-10, take exit 252 and drive west on El Camino del Cerro. Turn left (south) on Silverbell Road. Turn left (east) into Columbus Park. Turn right at the first intersection. Park in first pullout on the right.

Near the middle of the concrete curbing stand at the south end of a dislodged concrete curb, facing south. Walk 40 steps along a clearing to a small mound of dirt with a pinkish rock on top. Bear left and walk 6 more steps, face right to a small berm lined with creosote bushes, just before a drainage wash. Walk at 198 degrees (from mag. North) for 10 steps. Look to the right and down under a rock and a pile of dead branches between two creosote bushes for the letterbox.

Warning: Things in Arizona bite, poke & sting.

This box was placed for the 2007 3rd Annual Tucson Letterboxers Gathering.