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Eisenhower Park Baseball Letterbox LbNA #28397

Owner:Koritzke family Contact
Plant date:Dec 6, 2008
County:Los Angeles
Found by: nba mom
Last found:Nov 26, 2012
Last edited:Dec 6, 2008
This box was replaced on December 12, 2008 and should be in good condition.

Go to Eisenhower Park at Second Ave. and Colorado Blvd. Enter the gate on Second where the flag pole stands. Walk to the main baseball diamond. On the first base side there is a brown, metal, BDC storage unit. Walk there! Go to the side facing the wash (West side). Walk between the fence and the storage unit. Count three panels then stop (this third panel should have a BDC sticker on it). Under the middle of the panel is the tin letterbox. It is magnetized behind a ridge. If you can't feel it reach your hand under, tilt it vertically so you are looking at your palm, then slide your hand towards you until you hit the ridge. The letterbox is on the ridge. If our box has a hitchhiker, we ask you to stamp the hitchhiker in our book to so we know it was here. Thanks! When you're done, walk around the park, watch a baseball game, look at the dogs, and enjoy the view of the mountains!

Please let us know how the box is!