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Jepson Laurel LbNA #27743

Plant date:Dec 17, 2006
County:San Mateo
Planted by:L4 Contact
Found by: Silver Eagle
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 17, 2006
The Jepson Laurel

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It is one of the most famous landmarks along Sawyer Camp Trail, and it has been established to be over 600 years old. It is now the largest Laurel in California.
In 1923, this tree was named in honor of Willis Linn Jepson, one of California's most noted botanists. At that time, there was only one larger Laurel known in the state. Not anymore. Now the Jepson Laurel rules all!
The Sawyer Camp tree was eventually fenced to protect it from soil compacting, which could conceivably weaken its roots. The San Francisco Water Department, on whose property it is located, assumed the tree's preservation and protection.
In 1981, San Mateo County Parks, on permit from the Water Department, opened the area near the tree and constructed a picnic area. There is a bench here commemorating Leo Sack. The plaque is now missing, and only a hole in the middle of the top rung on the seat back remains. Sit here and admire the magnificent laurel. After you catch your breath, glance behind you at another laurel which is well on its way to becoming grand. There is a hole in its trunk. Be careful and alert when reaching for and displacing the bark pieces which conceal your prize.

7/27/11: Noted maintenance: thistles and poison oak removed from around the tree, making it safe to approach. Still, be careful of any resurgence!