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Just a Mom and a Dad and a Dog in a Little Canoe LbNA #27381

Owner:the ruBr stampers Contact
Plant date:Nov 12, 2006
Found by: Choi
Last found: Aug 31, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 3, 2015
When we replanted the letterbox on 8/31/2008, we discovered several changes and additions on the museum grounds, so the directions below have been revised...

You'll start at the top of the Chickasaw mound at Exit 12C (Metal Museum Drive).

Check all sides till you find the iron cross, placed here by Memphis boosters who laid claim to the site as Hernando de Soto's crossing of the Mississippi. (Historians have since placed the crossing in Sunflower Landing, MS.)

Now go 90 degrees clockwise. In the side of the mound, you'll find a door. Through this door, the Union troops once carried munitions. But there's no admittance now. From here you can spy a door that is open.

At the door, look 3 down and four to the left. What do you see?

Now do you see another of these, taller than a man? (As of 8/31/2008, this piece had been relocated to make room for part of a traveling exhibition - three brightly colored weathervanes. But the museum staff assured us that the taller-than-a-man piece would be returned to its place soon.)

From the shade of this tall mystery, you can see a tree. Maybe some day the locals will build a metal treehouse here.

And a bit past the tree is a giant mollusk that no doubt wishes to be back in the Mississippi River.

If it were to wobble its way directly to the bluff, it would pass two fish - a fish of the land and a fish of the air.

Sometimes that fish of the air points in the direction of the very nearby letterbox. But only sometimes.

Note: Part of this search takes place on the grounds of the National Ornamental Metal Museum (Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm; Sundays, 12 pm to 5 pm), which graciously gave us permission to include it in our search. There is no charge for admission to the museum grounds. There is a charge for entry into the museum itself, but it's worth the price of admission. For more information, see