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Pine Tree Island LbNA #27267

Owner:Take A Hike Club Contact
Plant date:Nov 18, 2006
Found by: Party of 5
Last found:Feb 5, 2012
Last edited:Nov 18, 2006
Sycamore Grove Park on Arroyo Road across from the Wente Winery. Parking is $3 in either bills or quarters.
The paved path leaves the parking lot on the right. In a short distance you come to an abandoned bridge. Go under or around the bridge, following the paved path along the fence line. Continue for a quarter of a mile, or so. The paved path ends, and you will turn left to cross a wooden footbridge over the stream. About 10 steps from the bridge you will see a paved path circling the "island" with a single pine tree in the middle. Under the tree you will spot a dark rock about the size of a small loaf of bread. Move the rock aside and pull back the pine needles to find the box. Be sure to place everything back the way we have described it. Thanks. There is another letterbox hidden nearby under Rainbow Tree. Can you find it?