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What a Hoot! LbNA #26396

Owner:VBFairydust Contact
Plant date:Oct 15, 2006
County:Virginia Beach city
Found by: The Ziegler Clan
Last found: Apr 6, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 15, 2006
Boxes cleaned and clues updated Sunday, September 23, 2007.

"What a Hoot!" is located at Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mapquest it by punching in: 1398 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Doggies are allowed at this park and there's even a doggie playground. It is just down the road from the boardwalk and the Virginia Aquarium.

There is only one login book. It is at the third/last letterbox.

Park in the first parking lot, by the Japanese Gardens. Walk across the street to the Conservaion and Fragrance Gardens. Take a sharp right at the sign, staying on the paved path for now. You will be able to see (and hear!) General Booth Blvd. to your right.
Enter the Fragrance Gardens underneath the chainlink trellis. Pass the trio of benches on your left. Veer right, onto the more primitive path. Walk the trail, eventually stepping over a tall fallen tree. After stepping over the tree, veer left, General Booth at your back. In a short time, on your right, you will see a tree with three trunks growing out of it's base. You're on the right track! After ducking under and passing through a group of skinny trees (growing up in the middle of the trail--approximately 60 paces from the three-trunked-tree), look into the woods to your left. You will see a tree coming out of the ground at it's roots. Letterbox #1 is here. Please re-hide carefully
Back on the trail. At the fork, go right. The path goes parallel to a stream bed (dried up the day of the plant). It is a narrow trail. You will find yourself ducking and squeezing through clusters of trees here and there. At some point, you will see another uprooted tree on your left. Keep going forward, following the pink painted trees. Keep a sharp eye out for a clump of vine-twisted trees on your right. Immediately after passes those trees, you will be at a teeny clearing, with the options to go left, straight, or, possibly, right. Look at the pathway left. You will see a fallen tree trunk a little ways away. Take *that* path. Not soon after, you'll see a fallen hollowed-out tree to your right. You can see all the way through it! At the more narrow end of the fallen trunk, lies Letterbox #2. Please re-hide well!
Return to the path. Soon you will see a trashcan and a gravel path. Follow the path straight. Take a sharp right at a rusted pipe in the path. The pipe is also surrounded by larger rocks. You'll pass a bench on your left, then a trashcan. From here, you can see picnic tables to your right and your car straight across the way. You may be headed towards your car, but first cross over the bridge. Follow the path over the bridge towards the horseshoe pit (up a ways and on the left) and picnic tables (up a ways and on the right). On your way, keep an eye out for a tree with a "natural hiding spot" in it's trunk. Be very careful when you stick your hand inside (look and listen first for any critters [!]). Here you'll find Letterbox #3. Stamp in, please! :-)