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Great Cape Escape Lighthouses LbNA #25939

Owner:ArchimedesScrew Contact
Plant date:Sep 30, 2006
Found by: Mahatma Dondi
Last found: May 14, 2007
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 30, 2006

Please read these clues carefully before you set out. There is some research you need to do or finding these boxes will be very difficult.

These boxes were planted for the 2006 Great Cape Escape. We are making them available until around May. The gate is open to the area through October, but you can park at the gate and still do the boxes after that point. These are located at Flax Pond Recreation Area.

Directions from Route 6:

Take Exit 8, head south on Station Ave. towards South Yarmouth.

Go left at the lights onto Whites Path. Drive to the end and take a right, bearing right onto North Main Street. Flax Pond Recreation Area will be a short distance on the right. After entering the area, continue on the road to parking.

Point Gammon Light by Mumma and Bunny Boy

From the memorial rock behind the main building, head toward the water at a bearing of the same number of degrees as the Point Gammon’s first lighthouse keeper’s salary less 140.The beach will be to port. Point Gammon Light is between the 2 fences behind a tree.

Nobska Light by Chunna

From Point Gammon turn to your starboard at a heading with the same number of degrees as the year Nobska was automated less the year the first Nobska Light was built plus twice the height of its cast iron tower built in 1876. At the clearing 43 steps from the bat house, stand at the flat rock and spy Nobska at 255 degrees.

Bishops and Clerks by Chunna

Go back to the main trail and turn to port. Go past the erosion sign to a large circular cove to starboard. Steer clear of the volcano. At the end of the fence, walk down to the big pine. Can you see the light at a cluster of oaks with trees numbering the same as the order of Bishop & Clerk’s Fresnel lens at 215 degrees?

Race Point Light by Dewberry

Continue down the path beyond the cove, up the root stairways and around the mossy reef .Make a starboard turn at a heading of 295 degrees. Walk the number of steps that equals the total of the number of feet of Race Point’s cast iron tower plus the order of its Fresnel lens plus one. Race Point Light is shining on the starboard side under a broken tree.

Sandy Neck Light by Cape Cod Letterboxer

Continue on and when you reach the T, turn around and go back the number of steps equaling the century in which Sandy Neck Light was built less one. The lighthouse is about 3 feet from the path on the starboard side under a log.

Nantucket Lightship by Chunna

Return to the T and steer dead north. Go past the tree marked for death and past the arc on the starboard side. Look for a large shipwrecked pine at port. Take the path to the starboard side of the shipwrecked pine. Nantucket Lightship is between an oak and its peg leg the number of steps down the path equal to the number of the first Nantucket Lightship less 2 times the number of the next lightship that replaced it.

Great Point Light by Ackletterboxer

Return to the main path again, taking the starboard route. Don’t get snared by the fish hook at port. Great Point shines from behind the stump at the top of the fish hook.

Gay Head Light by Cape Cod Letterboxer

Continue on the main trail past the channel on the starboard side. After 136 steps, look for the bleached ribs of an old shipwreck, set in the number of steps equal to the number of sides on the first Gay Head Lighthouse less one. You will find Gay Head Light under the shortest rib.

The Lighthouse at Dangerfield by Archimedes' Screw

Follow the same course and look for a mossy trail at port. Go down this trail the number of steps equal to 5 less than the number of miles for which the beam of Highland Light reportedly could be seen in clear weather after the installation of an electric light inside the lens in 1932. The Lighthouse at Dangerfield is in a tri-trunked tree on the port side.

Bass River Light Station by Cape Cod Lightning Bug

Return to the main path and turn to port. Shortly before the intersection, look to starboard for the decaying remains of a ship. Bass River Light is shining in the remains behind a flat rock.

The Twin Towers of Chatham by Cape Cod Lightning Bug

At the split, steer toward the starboard at a bearing equal to the weight of the Nauset Light tower (in tons) plus 3 times the number of lighthouses it replaced plus the number of towers that are left at Chatham Light .You will embark on a long journey. Go past the splintered remains of a clipper ship that didn’t heed the warning light. Go past the field at starboard and a two-masted schooner on the edge of the path. When you spy the road ahoy, turn to the port side at the T and steer the course until you see a long boom on the left. Go forward 12 steps to 4 oaks at starboard.. At a bearing of ten times the inches the south tower teetered on the brink in 1879 go forward about 15 feet to twin oaks where the Twin Towers of Chatham reside. Follow the path back out to the street and turn right to return to the gathering.

Bonus Box

Make sure you look at the logs.