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Mmm Mmm Good LbNA #25310

Owner:SmokyMountainLILY Contact
Plant date:Sep 6, 2006
Found by: NanniPapawTo4
Last found: Feb 28, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 6, 2006
Hand Carved: YES
Hitch Hiker Friendly: NO
Kid/Pet/Bike Friendly: YES

One very sunny, but yet breezy day Campbell decided it was the perfect day to go to the Park. He ran into the kitchen where he saw his mom making lunch. He said "make mine to go" and then headed upstairs where he grabbed his small knapsack. Barrelling down the stairs he raced through the kitchen, grabbed his lunch sack, kissed his mom and said, "I'll be home before dinner."

Campbell hopped on his Schwinn and cruised over the rolling hills at top speed til he arrived at his favorite place in the world.

He parked his bike next to the bee pole and tied it up. He looked left, right and straight. "Which way am I goin up today?" he said out of breath.

He picked the one way he had never taken before. Stepping through the water he sprinted up. With bark chips flying he was happy when he reached the paved path. Better traction.

Like lightening he raced all the way and found his bench. With excitement he ripped open his knapsack and pulled out his toy train collection. What he didn't notice was his lunch sack fall back off the bench.

Campbell sang, "down by the Station early in the morning see the little puffer bellies all in a row" while he ran his trains around the circle.

After awhile Campbell got hungry and went back to the bench only to find his lunch bag on the ground. "Oh, man. It's empty." Well almost. Campbell found a bowl and crackers inside. "I bet mom packed soup but where did it go?".

Campbell followed a short foot path near the bench to a horizontal tree. He sniffed the air....ah, tomato soup! He grabbed his latex free glove and followed his nose. Three side-steps to the left he reached down into the tree and sure enough...there it was!!!!

He went back to the bench and sat down for a bite to eat. He didn't feel like sharing today so he kept a look out for neighbors behind him and for casual strollers in front of him.

With his mouth open Campbell exclaimed, "Mmm Mmm Good...yes my bowl of soup is.....uh forgot to pack the.........."????

*Placer strongly suggests seeker wear gloves for this find. Your hand will get very dirty if it has rained in the past few days. Stamp in away from the hide spot. This box must be rehidden with bark,limbs, moss. If the coverage crumbles in your hands, pick up more laying on the ground around it. (I didn't have camo tape to camoflauge this box - which would be quite helpful. If anyone has any and would like to camo this box before I get back there - I would appreciate it.!) SMILE!